File Structure

This page describes some of the files included in this theme.

Root folder

This is where ‘most’ of the PHP files reside, as well as the main stylesheet, which is called style.css. Please don’t modify any of the PHP files in this folder, as it could break the site. (modify at your own risk)

‘includes’ folder

This folder is where the rest of the PHP files reside. Many of the PHP files in the root folder refer to files here. This keeps the code more modular and easier to maintain. Please don’t modify any of the PHP files in this folder, as it could break the site. (modify at your own risk)

CSS folder

Stylesheet for only Internet Explorer. There is a conditional comment in the header.php file which links to this.
Stylesheet for the prettyPhoto javascript plugin, which is what styles the lightbox for any videos.
Stylesheet for the main menu

images folder

Stores all the theme images.

js folder

Stores all the javascipt files. Note: some javascript is in the header of header.php. It has to be there because that javascript is mixed with some PHP. You can’t mix PHP inside an actual javascript file.

Enables easy jquery access to cookie functionality
Required file for the Cufon font replacement
The Cufon enabled font that goes along with cufon.js
My own custom jquery scripts
For the slideshow on homepage, and for the navigation of images on a home listing page.
Makes jquery slideshow fade-in, fade-out, etc look nice.
For the prettyPhoto modal window for videos.
Animates the “back to top” links.
superfish.js and supersubs.js
For the main navigation bar.


This is for the Timthumb.php script. This script takes a single .jpg file and resizes it for use throughout the site. So you don’t have to upload separate sized images.


Holds all the location data if you choose to have a secondary level search. Read this for more information.